Success Is A Lifestyle


Josué Quiñones, also known as JQ, is an Educator and Life Coach. Born and raised in the rough and rugged Hunts Point area of the South Bronx, where drugs, prostitution, and gang violence were a norm, he attended college as way to escape the negativity and hopefully create a better life.  However, while in school, JQ chose to lead a less promising Lifestyle, which presented him with a crossroad. In the face of fear and adversity, it is the unwavering support of his family and numerous mentors that led him on a path to Success.

In a short period of time, JQ has motivated the minds of thousands with his stories. He has spoken with a variety of groups including, high school graduating seniors, first year college students, Resident Assistants, and student groups.  JQ has a passion for sharing his story in a way that empowers and motivates others to change theirs. As he frequently shares, his life experience has led him to truly believe that what you actively and consistently engage in, or surround yourself with, is a determining factor of Success. With that, he coined the phrase: "Success is not a habit...It's a Lifestyle!"