Success Is A Lifestyle



Josué "JQ" Quiñones


Josué “JQ” Quiñones is an international Motivational Rapper who has opened for Grammy nominated Hip Hop phenom, Pitbull. Professionally trained as a Social Worker and Opportunity Program Counselor, he has helped to create the number one graduation rate for college students within the state of New York.

Born and raised in the rough and rugged Hunts Point area of the South Bronx, he attended college as a way to escape and create a better life. However, while in school, he chose to lead a less promising lifestyle; one that presented him with a crossroad. At that crossroad, he began reflecting upon and searching for the answer to one question, "Why?" This, along with the unwavering support of his family and numerous mentors led him on a path to success.

He now combines his skills for music and proven track record for student success, to create a one of a kind experience that combines Hip Hop and Success Principles. He empowers students and student leaders to step into their purpose, take control of their stories, heal, and live a quality lifestyle built for success.

 As an advocate for mental health, students leave his fun and interactive presentations knowing that “Self Care is the Best Care.” JQ teaches them how to live his trademark phrase, “Success Is A Lifestyle!”

For fun, JQ likes to collect sneakers, do personal impressions, and play video games