Success Is A Lifestyle

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How to Maximize Success & make it a Lifestyle:

Every year, thousands of students are thrust into the intellectual, financial, emotional, and spiritual battle that is college. Less than 40% of them graduate in four years and 30% drop out after their first year, but we CAN prevent this!

There's a ton of reasons why students don't finish; low academic preparation, lack of support, culture shock the list goes on! Most students just aren't ready for the obligations expectations, and pressures that come with the college experience. And, even when it seems like they've got the hang of it, there's no doubt that students will often find themselves lost in the process. 

When lost or faced with these challenges, students doubt themselves, their performance tanks, they isolate, and eventually drop out. This program shows them what to do when confronted with these roadblocks and how to maximize Success in college and in life.

The key is to make Success a Lifestyle!

With this program, students walk away discovering:

  • The simple, yet powerful mindset necessary for achievement
  • The wealth of potential they already have waiting to be tapped into and how to take advantage of it
  • The secret behind improved performance and accomplishing goals
  • How to build relationships and networks that foster growth and a Successful Lifestyle

Students exposed to this program not only perform well academically, they are motivated to get involved, enthused to create connections, better prepared to face the challenge of college, and more likely to stay in college and graduate.



The sense of touch is a simple, yet powerful form of communication. 

In a time where touch screen technology has become a part of everyday life, actual human contact and interaction is seen as weird, awkward, and uncomfortable. It doesn't have to be. We often forget how powerful the subtlety of it really is. Research has shown that we can communicate various emotions through touch. In addition, positive physical contact has also demonstrated the ability to enhance trust and improve performance. It affects the person on the initiating end, just as much as the person on the receiving end!

This program teaches how something as simple as touch (when appropriate of course!) will boost the confidence of students, improve the mood of colleagues, and increase the chances of Success. Learn how one simple action can change the cultures on our campuses, within our departments, and among our students. All it takes is a #TouchForSuccess!

Walk away from this program learning:

  • The astonishing effects and impact we deliver through the simple act of touch.
  • The simplest way to boost confidence, improve cooperation, and enhance performance with students, colleagues, and even family and friends.
  • How to create more positive interactions, deeper connections, and improved outcomes
  • The secret to creating a positive campus-wide, departmental, and communal culture.
  • How to improve the connections and services provided to supervisors, colleagues, and ultimately the students.