Success Is A Lifestyle




Hear what people have to say about JQ's presentations directly from the source!!


“I just want to let everyone know that JQ was an amazing performer, someone that truly motivated our students and talked about real issues that are happening to our students during college…I think that the whole atmosphere of them being hyped made their day. We’re halfway through our program and they really needed this so that they could be excited the rest of the week. I truly recommend JQ. I think he’s the best and we’re already going to hire him for next year!”

Pathy Leiva, Director
Access & Opportunity Programs

“One thing that I liked about the performance is that JQ was really personal and gave his backstory. It was just a one of a kind performance…the crowd was motivated. Usually, you would go to a boring lecture, the’re taking their time, they’re not really getting to know you, but with JQ, it was like he was with us.”

Rosa, AOP Student


“When I tell you he delivered the right message at the right time, believe that! The students loved him and what’s more, they needed him and his message. If you are someone who works with students, you need to invite JQ to meet, interact and inspire them. He uses hip hop to talk about Self Care and it’s genius.”

Venessa Rodriguez, Director
Educational Opportunity Program

SUNY Broome Logo.png

“I can’t recommend him enough. His overall day was super engaging and relevant. All of our student staff and leaders were really really engaged with him, they laughed, some of them cried. They had the most wonderful experience……He does a great job not only telling his story, but allowing others to tell their story; and really ask and question their “Why?" Again, I can’t recommend JQ enough!”

Steven Knepp, Associate Director
Housing & Residential Programming

“I thought I was lost in my life and on my “Why?”, but he resonated with me. I was in a similar path and realized it’s not wrong to be lost on my “Why?” So, if you’re trying to figure out what your “Why?” is, or need help figuring it out, you should bring him to your school.”

John, Student

“I’ve been trying to figure out who I am, figure out where I’m going, and where I’m headed; and just really figure out my pathway. This just really hit home. Thank You!”

Sam, Student


“It’s a good way to think through these issues that we all carry; because we kind of go through each day and may not address them.”

Ammy Salinas, Student

“I could actually feel the emotions he was emulating while performing. I felt the words he was discussing. His song definitely put me in a good place after listening to it and seeing the way he performed it.”

Joshua Gonzalez, Student

“It really spoke a lot to the work that I do with students.”

Han Tian, Academic Counselor
Educational Opportunity Program


"JQ did an excellent job! He connected with our youth, and we’re really excited about the message that her gave…… One of the things he talked about was going to college getting there and feeling like, “I made it! Everybody’s been talking to me about going to college, and I’m here!” What happens is, so many of our young people get there, and think, “Ok, I’m here. Check the box.” Then they get there and don’t know what to do. JQ really talked about “How can you be successful once you to where you were meant to be. I think that is such a great message for our young people. I’m really excited that he was able to convey that in a way that they understood…… Being able to meet students where they are, JQ DOES that. Being able to give them a message that is important to their future, JQ DOES that."

Michele Soliz
Assistant Vice President
University of Toledo


"I just got to witness JQ’s Success Is A Lifestyle program. I thought it was amazing! I learned a ton! And, the main thing that I really learned was that even when we have our struggles and get to rock bottom, we can make our way up and there's still so much life to live."

Lexi Alvarado
Sophomore Student
University of Toledo


Student Leaders
SUNY Oswego

Oswego Logo.jpg

“From the moment he hit the stage, you could just feel his passion, enthusiasm, and excitement for what he was talking about. And because of that, the energy in the room increased exponentially. JQ is a very thoughtful and effective speaker because he has so much intentional about the words he uses... It's really kind of like watching a performance. He not only does a good job of engaging with his audience but also makes it a point to have the audience engage with each other and i think that's my favorite part. We are not just watching or listening to a speech. We are having a shared experience.”

Leah E. Shaw
Associate Director
Student Activities and Leadership

Case Western Reserve University

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“JQ's talk really resonated with a lot of our students, whether the had a similar experience or not, the message behind his talk was very simple; Success Is Your Lifestyle. He gives tips on how to do that and also reinvigorates our students with a fire so that they can be successful. The thing that I loved most about bringing JQ to campus and the reason I brought him is because I knew that his message was impactful and powerful. It's not uncommon for me to walk across campus and see a student with a Success Is A Lifestyle t-shirt, or to hear 'Thanks for bringing him here. His message has really stuck with me.”

Alyssa Napolitano
Student Activities Coordinator

SUNY Polytechnic Institute


“I just want to say thank you so  much for coming. He was a real big inspiration and said a lot of things we all felt and/or needed to connect, but just didn't know how to. I really appreciated his time and all the knowledge he dropped. Everything he did really was of great impact and everybody left feeling refreshed, refilled, positive.”

Cletus Emokpae
University of Buffalo
BLOC Conference Fellow


"JQ really came in and spoke to some students who are in a really tense place in their lives and came together to build community, connect with one another, and share resources. JQ really rapped up the weekend with his presentation. He got these students to really engage with one another and gave them some action steps and items to go back and continue building on their own skills, expanding their horizons, and hope for what's next.”

Ryan Staley
Digital Media & Content Manager


“JQ's talk was really amazing! He was truly genuine and passionate. You can see that he believes in his message and does a really good job at communicating it to his audience in a way they can understand, relate to, and apply in their own life. He was extremely personable, engaging, and did a really great job at making everyone feel comfortable. It definitely felt more like a one on one conversation as opposed to a talk to a group of people.”

Kishmar Best
Assistant Director,
Campus Recreation

University at Albany

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"Listening to JQ was truly inspirational. It's amazing to hear where he's come from and I definitely connected with him a lot... It's unbelievable and listening to him truly changes your day. It changes everything you're doing and puts you in a completely new direction.”

Kyle Streb
Binghamton University