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Sorry, Not Sorry

Photo cred: Tanyah Barnes

No matter how much we try, how good our intentions are, or how hard we aim to protect against it; none of us can guarantee that absolutely no one will be hurt by us as we progress and pursue our success. It's a side effect of life that in some ways is unfortunate. 

We can't guarantee that when we decide to choose what we want, choose what we need, choose what we feel is best for us, that others will NOT be upset, NOT be disappointed, NOT be sad, NOT be jealous, NOT be frustrated, NOT be offended, etc. There's just NO WAY for us to absolutely control how others interpret and react to our choice to succeed. At the same time: 


I'm not saying that it's ok to hurt others. I'm not saying that in choosing success, we choose to hurt others. What I'm saying is; even if we have no malicious intent what so ever, even when we try our hardest to explain our rationale, even if we make every effort possible to protect against causing harm, there is NO WAY to ABSOLUTELY guarantee that no one will not be hurt in some way. 

To all those whom I may have hurt along the way; to all those whom have been upset, disappointed, sad, jealous, frustrated, offended, etc. Sorry, Not Sorry

Sorry to those whom I've genuinely hurt. Sorry to those whom have been on the unfortunate receiving end of my choices. Sorry to those whom I have disappointed by some of my decisions. Sorry to those whom have felt or feel a sense of sadness because of the error in my choices.

Not Sorry to those who feel jealous of my progress. Not Sorry to those whom are disappointed because I didn't choose what they wanted for me and unrealistically expected me to choose. Not Sorry to those whom have felt sadness because I chose to pursue what they once hoped for but never did anything for. Not Sorry to those whom have failed to see where I was headed and what was needed to get to that point.

Perhaps there's a lesson for each of us to learn in these circumstances, myself included. I can only ask my Higher Source for forgiveness, pray that I absorb the lessons, and pray for those whom I've hurt. Know that as you succeed, there will be pain, both for you and for others. Know that some of it will be a result of your error. Also know, some of it will simply be the reaction of others, which is founded in their own experiences, lack of progress, and choices.

Stay True, Stay You!


Photo cred: Leah E. Shawesome